Vändning gav seger mot Östersund

Coach Vernon Youngs tankar efter vinsten mot Östersund Utveckling. Slutresultat 69-62(13-11, 8-16, 25-16, 23-19).

After a great week of practice, everyone came into this game with an eagerness to do well. From the attentiveness and enthusiasm throughout the week leading up to this game, we felt ready to have our best game yet. 

With all of this excitement, I think it became overwhelming for us that we wanted to do so great offensively that we came out not looking like ourselves.

Our defense is what kept us in the game during the first half with our multiple efforts and pressure making it hard for Östersund to run their offense.

At half we went in knowing that we were not playing up to our potential but understanding that the game was far from over. Unfortunately, as we were gaining some momentum with Ebba Ljungel getting second and third opportunities for us, she hurt her ankle and had to be out the remainder the game. 

We wanted to continue to push the pace and be smart with our decisions. In that, several players stepped up and made some big plays defensively and offensively to secure the game for us. 

As we move forward and get more and more games under us, we want to continue to develop on both sides of the ball.

//Coach Vernon Young